Are You Married To A Sex Addict?

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Partners Are Priority!

For over a decade the Married to a Sex Addict and The Sisterhood Of Support websites have been providing online Partner support; making STD testing for Partners the first priority, developing resources, exploring new treatment options and more, without funding or influence from religious groups or the sex addiction treatment industry.

We are here for Partners. We have always been here for Partners.


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YOU are important

What we believe

Partners and minor children are always our first priority. STD testing is vital.

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Ask First

NO sex addict therapists

Many CSATs and counselors are sex addicts. Would you send a rape victim to a rapist for therapy?

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Informative eBooks specifically written for Partners of sex addicts.

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Partner Coaching

Online Coaching With Diane

One on one online coaching specifically for Partners of sex addicts.

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Sister Videos

Watch as our souls speak

Watch and listen as Sisters share their stories and insights as a Partner of a sex addict.

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24/7 online support

When There Is No One Else

The Sisterhood forums are always there for you. With members from all over the world there is always someone online to talk with.

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Sex Addiction is Domestic Abuse

It Traumatizes Parnters

There Is A Cycle

We believe that sex addiction is Domestic Abuse. As with any abuse there is a cycle.

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Blog Posts

Another Example of Sex Addiction Therapy Induced Trauma To Partners

I received this heartbreaking story in my e-mail today. It is the classic example of how Partners are scammed and abused not only by their SAs, but by the therapeutic community as well. This needs […]

Coaching With Diane

If you are a partner of someone who is engaging in secret or blatant sexual activities with people other than you, you are likely overwhelmed with hurt and shock. Diane is now offering coaching for Partners of Sex Addicts.

Abuse is Abuse is Abuse

The news coverage of Ray Rice brutally beating his fiancee unconscious has brought back a flood of memories for me. I was a teen in the 60’s and fought long and hard, alongside other courageous women, […]

An Open Letter To Patrick Carnes, Stephanie Carnes, Robert Weiss, All CSAT Counselors And Sex Addiction 12 Step Advocates

Dear Patrick Carnes, Stephanie Carnes, Robert Weiss, All CSAT Counselors and all 12 Step Advocates for Sex Addiction,

Please consider this letter an urgent request to change the current 12 step/co-addict approach that has been perpetuated in […]

A Little Rant From JoAnn On Sex Addiction

With all the pseudo research that the Sex Addiction gurus have done; and all the hundreds of millions of dollars they are making off of Sex Addiction, a fake term for a fake diagnosis; why can’t these so called experts put their pin heads together and figure out this Sex Addiction thing?

Feedback On A Comment From A Sex Addict/Christian Counselor

Here is a piece I received from a reader and member of the Sisterhood expressing her thoughts on what happened last week. It is referencing a comment posted here on this site, married to a sex addict, by Jeff Hutchinson a Sex Addiction coach. His posting, attacking me caused quite a stir. Here are Diane's thoughts about the incident. ~ JoAnn

New eBook Just Published

A new ebook has been added to the Married To A Sex Addict Survival Series.  

Spiritually relevant topics for this new eBook in the Married to a Sex Addict Series include mystery, love, hope, forgiveness, […]

Just Released! New eBook On Personality Disorders And Sex Addiction

necessary information for any partner who is interested in finding out exactly why these men do what they do or is facing the difficult choice of whether to stay or leave after the Discovery of Sex Addiction in her relationship.

10 Things To Help Partners Of Sex Addicts Deal With Holiday Stress

The Holiday Season is upon us and for Partners of Sex Addicts the stress can become unbearable.  Here’s a few ideas to help you through the Holidays and deal with all that holiday stress.

Ahhhh…the holiday […]