A new ebook has been added to the Married To A Sex Addict Survival Series.  

Spiritually relevant topics for this new eBook in the Married to a Sex Addict Series include mystery, love, hope, forgiveness, patriarchy, sacred texts and spiritual practices. With discussion, questions for reflection and simple exercises, author Diane Strickland invites the reader to work in her own spirituality with various themes and practices to find their healing value, also revealing how some aspects of our spirituality can become roadblocks to our recovery. Diane brings theological training, twenty-five years pastoral experience, personal experience and a deep commitment to the care of female partners of sex addicts to her writing.

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Final-spirituality-cover-350Spirituality: Resources and Roadblocks to Recovery

The violence that a sex addict’s behavior does to his partner is felt in her heart, soul, body and mind. Sacred vows are broken. The sanctuary created by their spiritually covenanted relationship is invaded by destructive forces she cannot control. Her faith community may put her on the defensive and protect her betraying partner. Her spiritual capacity for forgiveness is challenged. Her faith in God may be shattered, and she may not know how to do simple things like “pray”. The things that hold meaning for her, the things that ground her being in the world are shaken by the truth of his core level betrayal.

While sex addicts leave deep spiritual wounds in their partners, the spiritual balm for that wound isn’t always straight forward. How can traumatized women access the resources of their spirituality AND address any roadblocks that arise? She needs her spirituality to offer comfort, hope, courage, and love. The role of her spirituality also can be critical for self-understanding, healing, and decision-making. Traumatized women need support and guidance as they work with the spiritual dynamics of this experience, and honor the sanctity of their own lives.

In writing Spirituality: Resources and Roadblocks to Recovery I talk about the things we need to access from our diverse spiritualities, and the things that may make it difficult for us to move forward in our lives. I have tried to have that discussion in a way that opens topics up for fresh perspectives and renewed value.

Most of us are familiar with websites or treatment programs for addicts and their partners that have a specific religious foundation and perspective. There is nothing wrong with people making use of every possible resource in their healing and recovery. It is part of our best hope for good outcomes. Unfortunately, many of us cannot relate to the theological assumptions and practices that go along with the good intentions of some therapists and the constraints of some programs. In conceiving this eBook, JoAnn and I wanted to offer something to spiritually alive woman who are not comfortable in the religious milieu of some of these programs and websites.

Thank you to JoAnn for entrusting me with this task, for formatting my text into something others can use, and for making it available for purchase on her websites. It was nearly four years before I could write anything about this experience and what I have learned (so far). JoAnn always had faith in me. Thank you to all the sisters who were and are holy and sometimes hilarious messengers to me of comfort, hope, courage and love. It is a great privilege, after twenty-five years of pastoral ministry, to find yet a new expression of my vocation when I thought it had surely run its course.

Sisters, there is room for all of us, whatever our spiritual quest. In my tradition there is a sacred text that I cherish, that speaks of God’s house having many rooms in it, and a room prepared just for you and just for me. I hope this book will help you find and make good use of the room with your name on it. And remember, if you need some company, we’re all just down the hall.

with love, Diane.