Media Coverage Of Sex Addiction Can Help Alleviate Shame

Wow! You can’t get more mainstream than the Wall Street Journal! In my research I ran across this article and was impressed by it’s no-nonsense approach and helpful links.

Oprah, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil and many others in the media have done much to educate the public about the problem of Sex Addiction and as the public becomes more aware of the seriousness of this issue the stigma and sensationalism of the topic will hopefully decline. I am optimistic that this education of the masses will have a positive ripple effect on all Sex Addicts.

Sexual Addiction is based on shame. The addict, for whatever reason, (more…)

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Addiction Recovery

Probably the most controversial issue surrounding addictions of all types is recovery. Most recovery programs are based on the AA 12 step model. Statistics are difficult to decipher and recovery rates vary from 5% to almost 100%. The higher stats don’t take into account all the members who come to a few meetings and, for whatever reason, never return. Of course, those who stay will claim a 100% recovery rate.

Scientific data on the 12 step programs show that the recovery rate is almost exactly the same as no intervention at all, which will result in a spontaneous recovery of about 5% of addicts. It is unfortunate that the mindset of our society is (more…)

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A New Book For Spouses Of Sex Addicts

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog. My name is JoAnn and I am married to a Sex Addict. Needless to say, the last four years, and the two years before my marriage, have been stressful, painful, disruptive and emotionally devastating. But, amid the chaos there also came a sense of growth, understanding and knowledge.

When I found out that my husband of three and a half months had a thousand dollar a month prostitute habit, my life fell apart. I sought help through counseling and my family endured my pain with grace and restraint. Fortunately I have a great support system (more…)

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