A relaxation audio

Here is a short 12 minute audio tape has my voice repeating various phrases that will help reduce stress and build self confidence. The background music that I have had produced includes Alpha binaural tones, or beats.

Binaural tones are an auditory effect that is created in the brain when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played separately into each ear. This effect is commonly used to create audio technology that enhances relaxation and learning.

To benefit from this effect stereo headphones must be used, but even if you listen without headphones you will still enjoy a relaxing and affirming experience.

Please note, DO NOT listen to this tape while you are driving, or if you are pregnant, prone to seizures or have a pacemaker.*

Made with love and lots of positive energy. ~ JoAnn

*For most people, binaural beats are absolutely safe to use. They are in fact one of the safest self-development tools available.

Brainwaves are naturally occurring in the brain and binaural beats are simply a tool to work with the brainwaves.  There is nothing abusive or addictive about using them.

The truth is that instead of binaural beats being addictive you actually need them less and less as time goes on because your brain learns to reach altered states of consciousness and work on a much deeper level eventually on its own.

Not only are binaural beats safe but they can also help to make huge improvements to your overall energy, health, focus, and creativity as well as to other mind, body and spirit functions.

Who Should Not Use Binaural Beats?

For most of us there are absolutely no problems with using binaural beats but there are a very small percentage of people who should avoid them for various reasons. These include:

  1. Those who suffer from seizures. – People who suffer from seizures experience abnormal electrical impulses from the brain. Binaural beats can trigger epileptic seizures or other types of seizures because of their effects on brainwaves. The repeated pulsing of sound is not good for those who suffer from seizures.
  2. Those engaged in certain activities – Binaural beat recordings should never be listened to while driving, operating machinery, cooking, or any other activity that needs your full attention. Binaural beats will put you into a very relaxed state and can even put you to sleep. For obvious reasons, you want to make sure you are not engaged in any type of activity where falling asleep could cause injury or death.
  3. Children – Though many children have used binaural beats safely, it is cautioned that children are at higher risk of seizures and therefore should not listen to a binaural beat audio unless they are supervised by a doctor. Usually TV and video games are more likely to cause a seizure, but binaural beats could also trigger an episode. Play it safe and don’t allow children to use binaural beat recordings.
  4. Those with certain ailments – If you suffer from heart problems or wear a pacemaker it would be wise to consult with a doctor if you want to use binaural beats. Changes in brainwaves can also cause changes in heart rhythms. If you have problems in this area this could cause a negative effect for you. Also any person who is taking stimulants, tranquilizers, illegal drugs and psychoactive drugs should not use binaural beats.
  5. Those who are pregnant – It is not recommended that pregnant women listen to binaural beats. Working with your brainwaves and experiencing altered states of consciousness may not be the best thing while pregnant.  It is recommended to wait until after the baby is born to listen to your binaural beats.

Positive Benefits…

For everyone else binaural beats are completely safe and there are all sorts of positive benefits that come from using them including:

  • Better sleep
  • Deep relaxation and less stress
  • Pain relief
  • Improved cognition and mental processing
  • And the ability to reach many altered states of consciousness

There is truly no simpler tool for self-development and improved mind power.  The changes that can occur in your life from using binaural beats are not only extremely positive and beneficial but also long-lasting.

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