As if spouses and partners of Sex Addicts don’t have enough problems sometimes the media just adds to our grief by perpetuating myths thinly cloaked as science. While searching the internet for resources for my book I came across an article claiming that Sex Addiction is in the genes.

“The new research centres on a gene called D4, which is involved in the brain’s reaction to the pleasure chemical dopamine. People with one particular variation of the D4 gene – around 30 per cent of those studied – had a stronger sex drive than the others.”

This is one of those conclusions that just doesn’t have enough dots to connect it. The article concludes that individuals who have a stronger sex drive than normal can or may be Sex Addicts. Granted, those with this particular variation of the D4 gene may enjoy¬† a stronger reaction to the chemical dopamine, and thus may experience pleasurable activities, which may or may not include sex, with more acuity than most, but I am befuddled as to how they came to the conclusion that this could be the cause of Sexual Addiction.

This myth is particularly damaging to the public understanding of Sex Addiction, and unfortunately it gives a glorified macho image to a serious, dangerous and damaging illness.

A pox on this United Kingdom gossip rag.

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance — it is the illusion of knowledge. ~Daniel Boorstin~

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