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Sit down, take a deep breath and relax. You are safe here. This is a place where you can learn about sex addiction and find support and comfort by reading stories from other women who have had similar experiences just like your own. If you think your partner is a sex addict or a porn addict, then you have come to the right place. Take your time and browse through the articles and stories which I think will help you understand just what sex addiction is and how it affects the partners and families of a sex addict. My name is JoAnn and I am married to a sex addict (UPDATE: My husband passed away.) This site, and the book I am writing, is for anyone who loves or cares about a sex addict. Also available here is a series of eBooks, which I have written, that I feel will help you with specific issues in dealing with your partner’s sex addiction. Here you will find real stories of real women and men who are in a relationship with a sex addict. If you browse through the site you will also find articles that I have written that may help you during this difficult time.

Women–Do You Need Support?

I have found that the most important thing that women need, when they discover that their husbands or partners have been engaging in secret sexual activities, is support. We need someone to talk with, someone who will understand, someone who will not judge or blame us. Hearing the truth from women who have or are experiencing the same discoveries, emotions, fears, trauma and doubts  is vital to your healing. Hearing the truths rather than the lies and deception validates us and allows us to realize that we are not crazy. The Sisterhood Of Support is an informational website which includes a private membership support group for women who are in a relationship with a sex addict. Many women cannot afford expensive counseling or intensives or cannot find a counselor in their area.

I receive many e-mails and calls from women who need support but just cannot find or afford it. So, I put together a very inexpensive, friendly, helpful and supportive  place where you can could find all the help, friendship, resources, information and support that you need. For only $25.00 per month– less than the cost of ten or fifteen minutes with a counselor, this support group is available 24/7, offers complete privacy, exclusive resources, articles and stories and the ability to share and connect with other women who are in various phases of their crisis. In the private membership area of the Sisterhood site you can share your experiences, ask questions of me or the other Sisters, start forum topics or comment in the forums and chat live with the other members who are also going through the same difficulties as you. You can find out more about the Sisterhood Of Support by clicking here or just click on the ‘Join The Support Group’ tab on the menu at the top of the page.

A Message For Men Who Are Partners Of Sex Addicts.

When I started this website over fifteen years ago I focused on women who were in a relationship with a sex addict. The women who came on this site were adamant that ‘no men were allowed’. They wanted a safe place to share and vent. During those early years I monitored the site and removed any comments from men.

Over the years I received so many e-mails from men who also need support and resources that in 2011 I decided to welcome men who are involved with a male or female Sex Addict to share and comment here on this site. Your stories can be sent via the Contact Page or directly to me at [email protected] and feel free to comment on any of the posts here. After all, the pain and trauma of discovery transcends gender or orientation. Please understand that if you find references to ‘she’ or ‘her’ or ‘husband’ that this site was originally written for women, but the information certainly applies to all.

In addition, in order to provide a safe and completely private place for female partners of sex addicts, in Feb of 2011 I created the Sisterhood Of Support, which requires a membership to view, share and comment and is exclusively for women.

Sisterhood Of Support Videos
With Partners of Sex Addicts

Stories, interviews and thoughts from Partners of sex addicts.
Listen to the truth about sex addiction, therapy models and trauma.

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