beachesMy husband and I just returned from a Caribbean cruise. I knew the environment would have challenges for him, but I was pleasantly surprised as he really did well. The pool area provided unlimited eye candy with many young things wearing not much more than three postage stamps. Fortunately I am in a place now where I know that if he slips back into his old ways I will be able to recognize it immediately, and he is well aware of the consequences. It’s his problem, not mine, and I refuse to let his addiction interfere with my enjoyment of life.

We did talk about the potential for fixation and fantasy, but he stuck to his ‘three second’ rule and avoided focusing on anyone. So, I feel pretty good about his commitment to our relationship and to his recovery. We had a good time, relaxed, saw some new places and had fun.

So, I’m back and will be posting every few days again as well as working on the book. I’m also researching other blogs on Sex Addiction and will add links here for those that I think have value.

An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises. ~ Mae West

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