I was busy all weekend working hard to finish my new eBook for partners of Sex Addicts titled Understanding Sex Addiction: Everything You Never Wanted To Know.

I have gotten so many private e-mails from women who have just found out that their partners are Sex Addicts. Their tears can be felt over the cyberspace and their questions are the very same questions that I had when I first found out about Larry’s Sex Addiction. Why? How? How could they? Is it my fault? Is there a cure? What can I do right now? All those questions that you thought you would never have to ask but questions that you desperately need answers to.

So, I put together a basic primer on Sex Addiction that is written for women who have just discovered their partner’s Sex Addiction, or for women who have been searching for a book on Sex Addiction that is written for them and not for the Sex Addict. It includes definitions, a glossary of Sex Addiction terms and I give it my best to describe the commonalities of Sex Addicts so that you can understand both what you are seeing and what you will see in the future.

But, most importantly, this book will help you understand that your partner’s Sexual Addiction and choices have nothing to do with you. Sex Addiction always has and always will belong to the Sex Addict. You have done nothing to cause it, encourage it or are in any way responsible for his actions and choices.

If you would like to download Understanding Sex Addiction simply click ere or visit the eBooks page from the menu at the top of the page to see all of the eBooks that are available.


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