After months of work the first eBook in the Married To A Sex Addict Survival Series is now available for download. This first eBook, Boundaries, How To Set Them And How To Keep Them is available for instant download through the eBooks page. All major credit cards as well as PayPal payments are accepted through the secure order site.

The idea for Survival Series came as a result of all of the research I have done for my book, Married To A Sex Addict. There was just so much information that I felt was vital to spouses and partners who were struggling with the effects of living with and loving a Sex Addict. The vast amount of research and information was just too much for one or even two books. So, I chose what I felt were the most important topics that needed more specific detail and turned them into a series.

How many times have you bought a book but only needed the information in one or two chapters?
The Married To A Sex Addict Survival Series allows you to choose the topics that you need, when you need them. The Survival Series focuses on issues that affect those of us who are casualties of Sex Addiction, and addresses these issues specifically toward someone who is involved with a Sex Addict.

Other topics that will be addressed in this series are Denial, Recovery, Finances, Separation and Divorce, Stress and What To Tell The Children. More topics may appear as I deal with the overflow from the book research. And, of course, I would be happy to address any suggestions that you may have.

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  1. Joann,

    This is amazing and what a wonderful idea to make several “mini books” to purchase individually!

    You have been such an inspiration to me! I just want you to know that. I have taken my experience, as painful as it has been and the last several months to really get at what it is that I want out of my life. And in so doing, I have focused much more on my business and my own website which I’ve been working on with my husband. Have to say that I’m really pleased with how it looks, so far and there’s still a lot more to do!

    And then the sky fell… in our NYC northern suburban community as it is all over the country with massive budget cuts that are affecting our public schools. The problem is, that the “budget cuts” aren’t costing us tax payers less… NO, they are actually costing more and more and we are getting less and less! It is the essential curriculum/teachers who are in danger of being CUT. (maybe) And while the administrators are pocketing HEFTY six figure paychecks; our kids are getting screwed. grrrr…

    So, I am taking all of my energy and passion and focusing it onto something that really matters.

    Hmmm… Selfish, seedy, greedy, unethical behavior exists in all realms, but when it comes to our children, I just can’t sit back and do nothing.

    I think that your self-help books will apply to many different situations besides dealing with a loved one who is sexually addicted. I think boundary setting is an important lesson even in raising kids. I bet most sex addicts did not have clear cut boundaries growing up. And now, you’re showing their spouses what that looks like and how it works.

    All the best with all of your fantastic ventures and endless thanks for advising, inspiring and just being here.


  2. Just a word of caution – I paid for this e-book but was NOT directed to any site so I could download it. Several emails later, this problem is still not resolved. Until this problem is fixed I would suggest not paying for something you may not receive. I hope this can resolved because I was really looking forward to reading the material on boundaries – Joann, please help!

  3. Kristen, I have sent you a copy of the Boundaries eBook via your e-mail. Please let me know if you receive it.

    In the meantime I will post here when I get the problem fixed.


  4. Talk about a bad hair day!

    Okay–I have fixed the eBook order issue. The first part of the problem was an error on my part. I assumed (rightly so) that I had to mark the download page as ‘private’ to prevent hackers from finding it online (I know, like I have to worry about losing a gazillion dollars over pirated eBooks on Sex Addiction). Anyway, when I tested it, I could always access the private pages, because I am logged in as administrator in my account.

    But, by marking the page ‘Private’ that also prevented buyers from accessing the download page after they had paid. So, I tried making it public–and then, as I figured, everyone could just click on the menu and download the eBook. Okay–stop cheering now.

    I did some research on line as to how to hide the download page. After hours of attempts at putting the pages in different folders on my server, I gave up on that. I finally found a work around and tested it and it’s finally working. Not quite as pretty as my own download pages, but it works and it’s secure.

    But, I couldn’t figure out why I had not received Kristen’s e-mails. After all, I have all of the e-mails from this site forwarded to my personal e-mail, so…

    Well, that was all mucked up too! The only thing I can figure is that when I upgraded my WordPress software to a newer version the contact form I was using quit working. So, another few hours were spent testing contact forms. I’m still working on that, so I guess I’ll be busy tonight.

    It’s just too bad that this had to happen with a new person trying to order my eBook. I feel like such a schmuck!

    I hate stuff like this.

  5. Hi Joann,

    Thanks for looking into the problem. I did not receive the e-book in my email, so do you want to try again?

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help on my end.


  6. I have tried to send the file to you twice but it gets kicked back with this error:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 554 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a account

    I have also tried to send you a link to the download page also, but if that e-mail address is not valid that will not go through either.

    Send your correct e-mail address to me.

  7. Joann,

    Thank you for your persistence and making numerous attempts to get me the e-book – finally with success! I’ve already looked over the material and it looks very helpful. I appreciate the wise and supportive voice that you provide.


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