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JoAnn’s Fury! 12 Step Enabling Of Sex Addicts

I just have such anger over the way a lot of the 12 step groups are run. These meetings are only as good as their members, and, unfortunately, many of the members simply use the meetings as a cover for their acting out. As long as they tell their wives and partners that they are 'going to my meetings every week' and 'you need to let me work my program myself (hear--stay out of my business)' then the 'little woman' has nothing to complain about. Right? It's just such an issue of deceit and control it makes me want to puke!

Spring, Our Time to Emerge as Beautiful Butterflies

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. I was profoundly moved this week as I watched a butterfly emerge from her chrysalis and I thought of myself and all of you who are emerging into a new life as beautiful butterflies.The photo that I took is on the left. I apologize for not writing any posts in a while. Spring has sprung here in Missouri and, with lots of flower beds and landscaped terraces screaming for my attention I have been up to my elbows in planting, weeding and outdoor clean up. And, this weekend my son and his family are in from out of town, so grandma will be busy cooking and soaking up lots of love. I have also been very busy working the bugs out of some new audio/visual production software (I love Adobe) to provide podcasts and interviews for this site. […]

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