I know at least a few of you have watched the Dr. Drew show, I know I have, but I can tell you that what was depicted on that show was more fantasy than reality.

I just came across a fairly accurate description of what happens in an inpatient Sex Addiction rehab facility, and rather than trying to rephrase and rewrite it in my own words, I am just putting a link to it below. You can also click here to go to the article.

Why is this important to us, the wives and partners of Sex Addicts? Because knowledge is our best tool. The more we understand about Sex Addiction and our Sex Addict spouses or partners the better equipped we will be to recover and get through the crisis.

Please post if you have had any personal experience with inpatient rehab facilities for Sexual Addiction and share your thoughts.


One of the things that’s often forgotten about rehabilitation, it’s not a destiny. It’s a journey. ~ Peter Hobson

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  1. Hey… y’all are very quiet out there… Joann has posted a link to Benoit Denizet-Lewis who had some interesting comments about a recent Night Line interview and the exclusion of “sex addiction” as a diagnosis in the next edition of the the DSM. He’s a very cool guy (with a very cool name!) and an excellent writer, too!

    Sadly it seems some of the experts still don’t get it. But, isn’t that often the case?



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