picasso-the_dream-surrelism1Just imagine…A group meeting where kindred souls come together; a place of sharing and empowerment, discussions and suggestions; each strengthening and supporting without dogma, authoritarianism or judgment.

A place to ask for and give advice. A place to find comfort and direction. A place where emotions can be expressed without fear of criticism.

A place where the only rules are to maintain kindness toward each other. A place where secrecy is unnecessary and shame does not exist because we know we have nothing to be ashamed of.

A place where outside speakers and professionals are invited to share their expertise, a place where information about the group is distributed and advertised openly, removing the shroud of secrecy and shame that surrounds what is a serious relational problem that a lot of us share.

That is my dream.

A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers. ~ Author Unknown ~

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