Wow! You can’t get more mainstream than the Wall Street Journal! In my research I ran across this article and was impressed by it’s no-nonsense approach and helpful links.

Oprah, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil and many others in the media have done much to educate the public about the problem of Sex Addiction and as the public becomes more aware of the seriousness of this issue the stigma and sensationalism of the topic will hopefully decline. I am optimistic that this education of the masses will have a positive ripple effect on all Sex Addicts.

Sexual Addiction is based on shame. The addict, for whatever reason, has an abnormal sense of shame. My husband told me that whenever I would confront or question him about his behavior, even if it was innocent, he would feel like a small child who had just been caught doing something naughty. He said that his reaction to this emotion was to find any excuse to get out of the ‘punishment’ that he felt was surely coming. It seems as if it is a misguided survival tactic. Somehow he never learned to take responsibility for his actions and move on as most of us do.

Could addressing this issue with a counselor be a key to helping the Sex Addict recover?

What do you think?

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