I have been contacted by a daytime television producer who is doing a show next week on porn addiction. The show would like to have a couple on who are struggling with porn addiction.

Since the show will be taped next week it is important to contact the producer right away if you are interested

I spoke with her and this is a very reputable show that will handle the subject with respect and sensitivity.

Please contact Jessica at 212-275-8930 if you and your spouse/partner are willing to be on national television and share your struggles.


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  1. Im married to a sex addict for 2 years…it started after we got married and all the Craig’s list prostitutes and e mail and calls sneaking around. He distroyed our family our marriage he lost everything and now going threw a divorse!
    It makes me sick and angery and not to mention he put not only his life in danger mine as well!

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