Can Medication Help Sex Addicts?

This article was originally published on June 14, 2009 and updated on March 5, 2019.  Medications serve an important role in the treatment of mental

Fostering Myths About Sex Addiction

As if spouses and partners of Sex Addicts don’t have enough problems sometimes the media just adds to our grief by perpetuating myths thinly cloaked

Addicted To Sex or Dopamine?

Dopamine is a naturally produced chemical that stimulates certain parts of our brains during pleasurable activities such as sex. For that reason it has been

It’s Always About The Lies

From my journal: It always comes down to this when dealing with a Sex Addict. It’s not about what they do, although that is vitally

Addiction Recovery

Probably the most controversial issue surrounding addictions of all types is recovery. Most recovery programs are based on the AA 12 step model. Statistics are

‘I Wasn’t Unfaithful’

Can you believe that? After years of separation, counseling, 12 step meetings, soul searching and an ungodly amount of time spent in discussions over his

“I Wasn’t Unfaithful” comments

Here are some interesting comments from some of my friends about my last post–thank you everyone for sharing: Yes, when a sex addict acts out,

Sex Addiction–Fact or Fiction?

Is there really such a thing as Sexual Addiction? Is Sex Addiction an uncontrollable, inbred, genetic disorder that cannot be reversed or cured? Is Sex

I Need A Change

Don’t be surprised if you see new colors and unfamiliar backgrounds here– it’s still the same place with a fresh coat of paint. I decided

When You’re Sad Listen To This

This is one of my favorite videos. It’s a great song, has phenomenal editing and it makes me remember just how important we all are

Staggered Disclosures

Why can’t they just tell me everything and get it over with? That is probably the most painful cry of spouses and partners of Sex

Grieving Your Losses Part 1

When you find out that your spouse or partner is a Sex Addict a piece of you dies. You lose your sense of reality and


My husband and I just returned from a Caribbean cruise. I knew the environment would have challenges for him, but I was pleasantly surprised as

Grieving Your Losses Part 2

Ahhhhhh…ANGER! If you are not familiar with it you better get used to living with your new best friend. Anger is the second stage of

I Have A Dream

Just imagine…A group meeting where kindred souls come together; a place of sharing and empowerment, discussions and suggestions; each strengthening and supporting without dogma, authoritarianism

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