WOW! I am sooooo excited!

Barbara Steffens, co-author of the book Your Sexually Addicted Spouse How Partners Can Cope and Heal, has graciously agreed to do a series of interviews for Married To A Sex Addict. I will be conducting the interviews this week, and after editing, the podcast series will be posted on this site.

Questions for Ms. Steffens encompass many of the topics covered in her book as well as a few that I felt were common to all of us who are partners or spouses of Sex Addicts.
I hope you will continue to check back often so as not to miss this important series as soon as it comes out.

In the future I plan to interview significant authors and professionals who are influential in the field of Sexual Addiction and share these interviews right here. I feel that their ideas and research will be helpful to anyone who is struggling with a partner or spouse who is a Sex Addict.

If you have any suggestions for questions that you would like to have presented, or any person that you would like have featured, just leave a suggestion in the comment box below.

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