I know some of you have had trouble using the forum, so I decided to place my forum topic here so that everyone could join in the discussion. You can either comment here, or join the forum and comment there. So, here it is:

One of the most difficult aspects of Sex Addiction that we spouses and partners have to deal with is How do I ever learn to trust him again?

Maybe a better question isโ€“should we ever trust them again? I think that in order to go forward in rebuilding a relationship with a Sex Addict, we have to swallow a strong dose of reality and face the fact that no matter how far along in their recovery they are, Sex Addicts will always be Sex Addicts.

We may not like it, and those of you who say you don’t want to live like that should examine other options, because living with a Sex Addict requires both a mindset and a lifestyle change. In my own relationship Larry has worked diligently for years to rebuild trust within our marriage, and I do feel quite comfortable. BUTโ€“I will never forget the fact that he is a Sex Addict and, just as he must be ever vigilant to avoid temptation and triggers, I must also be watchful for any signs of regression and deception.

I have outlined quite clearly in my posts how Larry and I have managed to work on our trust issues. I would like to hear some of your ideas on how each of you are managing the trust issue in your relationship.

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