Sex Addiction is still in the news, but methinks we have returned to the not so golden age of the fifties where men were men because men were men. Can this writer/chef/comedian who posted this article in the Huffington Post really reflect the views of American men or is his tongue stuck so far into his cheek that it has reached his backside, thus blocking any pathways to his brain?

Even for the sake of a good laugh, expounding that all men are prone to stray because it is in their genes is just old, tired and truly brainless. But Mr. Rosenthal sinks to a new level of low when he claims that Sex Addiction is a conspiracy by women, even elevating it to a ‘Sexual Movement’ orchestrated by women to confine all those joyful, horny, genetically programmed playboys into rehab centers in order to eliminate them from society.

I really expected more from 2010.

Three wise men – are you serious? ~ Author Unknown

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