Often I get requests asking for advice or for me to provide e-mail addresses or phone numbers of other readers so that a personal connection can be made.

I understand that need for such a connection, as well as the need for a private, open forum for sharing, and that’s why I developed my other website, The Sisterhood of Support.

But, this site, Married To A Sex Addict, was developed for Partners Of Sex Addicts to  gain insight by reading the stories and articles that I post and by sharing their experiences and thoughts by  commenting on that particular story or article.

Sharing your own experiences as it pertains to the article or story is exactly what I feel will help the story writer or visitors who are reading the article. But posting your own story and asking for help or advice takes the focus off of the original story or article and makes it impossible for others to search and find the information that they may be looking for. It causes the site to become quite disorganized.

In addition, this is not a forum type site where people can post back and forth and start their own topics or stories and ask for advice.

The reason for that is that it would cost too much for me to have the type of hosting service that has enough space for that on a free website.

Once again this month, as has happened before, my web hosting company is letting me know that I am ready to exceed my bandwidth, which means if I don’t pay more this month the site will shut down for the rest of the month.

As to the requests for sharing of personal information or requests for advice from me. That could become a huge liability and could open both myself and the visitors to this site, to all sorts of trouble as I do not screen the people who comment here like I do on the Sisterhood site. This site gets almost 15,000 unique visitors every month, so it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out the types of abuses that could occur. And, I simply do not have the time to address all these requests.

So, I encourage you to read the ‘Website Guidelines’, available through the menu above and follow them carefully. Your cooperation will allow this website to continue offering support to Partners of Sex Addicts all over the world.