journalingA journal is a record of our experiences, an account or memoir of our journey through a certain time in our life.

During the four years of the discovery and recovery of my husband’s Sex Addiction I wrote hundreds of pages of my thoughts, feelings, anger, frustration, hope and resentment. It was a powerful method of venting thoughts and feelings that I was just not ready to share with anyone else.

In reading over these entries months and years later I realized that my journal offered an even greater gift than just expression. I found myself gaining both insight and clarity as the passage of time gave me a new perspective. My journals offered the inspiration for my book.

It doesn’t matter how you journal. Some people like to have a special notebook or specially bound book with blank pages made just for journaling while others scatter their notes all over (I wouldn’t recommend that). I chose to use the computer as I am a techie computer and software junkie. I also copied and saved all of the e-mail and chat correspondence with my husband during the three and a half years we were separated.

Do you have a journal? What methods do you use to vent your emotions and frustrations?

You never know what you will learn till you start writing. Then you discover truths you never knew existed. ~ Anita Brookner

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