I’m going to veer away from my usual posts about Sexual Addiction and get on my soapbox about another subject that just rips my heart out, the exploitation and trafficking of women (and, on a lesser scale, men) and young children for prostitution.

Yes, I have heard, and sadly have previously agreed with, the idea that prostitution always has and always will be around, so why not just legalize it? But there was always that nagging hurt inside of me for these women. Something just isn’t right about legalizing, or allowing by turning one’s head the other way, an industry that exploits women. An industry that caters to the base instincts of men who think that money can buy another human being and allow them to use and abuse that human being in any way they choose. An industry where men–the johns and the pimps, benefit at the expense of the objectified and abused women. No woman is safe in a society that allows or ignores the exploitation of women.

America pitted brother against brother to fight for the abolition of slavery, yet today millions of women are enslaved on a daily basis in this country and the righteous turn their backs on the pain and suffering that these women endure. These women have fewer rights than the slaves we fought to free.

I just want to puke when I read, see on TV or hear about all the ‘glamorized’ stories of prostitution. Hookers are depicted as leisurely ladies of the night, spending their days fixing their nails, trying on all of their sexy lingerie, having sex with each other because they are so horny and anxiously awaiting the evening so they can jump in the sack with dozens of johns who will satisfy their insatiable sexual needs.

Women who have endured the pain of living with and loving a Sex Addict can certainly identify with the fact that our society objectifies all women, and a Sex Addict’s behaviors with porn, prostitutes, massage parlors, strippers and exotic dancers are somehow given a nod of approval by our society that allows and even glorifies the humiliation of women. Putting the blame right where it belongs and making the purchase of sex a crime could be the first step in making our society a healthier and safer place for everyone.

I realize that many women on this site, myself included, have been harmed by prostitution, and our tendency is to blame the prostitute. But, if we open our hearts to our sister’s pain we can gain an understanding that these women are victims of the industry and of our society. And maybe, just maybe, if we speak out loud enough against this ongoing crime against humanity, we can make a change.

Don’t legalize prostitution. Punish the real criminal–the buyer. Make buying sex a crime and enforce the law.
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