Sharing our stories is good therapy.

Women do this well; we laugh, we cry, we talk, pace, gesture and pull our hair out. We throw things, eat, purge, binge, scream and vent with each other. Then, when the storm has passed, we hug one another and sit down together to let our minds go about the task of solving our problems and healing our souls while we bask in the aftermath of a safe and shared trust.

I have found so much comfort in sharing my story with others as well as listening to and reading about the experiences of others who are dealing with loving and living with a Sex Addict. I want all of you to have that opportunity whenever you need it. Any time, any day you can send off a comment, story, question or e-mail to get it off your chest. I know how many times I needed that–just to talk, just to say it or ask it or simply just to express my outrage and anger.

Please share your story here. There are two ways you can do this. You can post it as a comment in the box below or you can go to the contact page and your story will be sent to me as an e-mail. If you don’t wish to have your story published, sending it through the contact page is the best way. Please read my privacy statement–no information is EVER sold, given away or shared in any way. If you do not want me to use any part of your story in my book, just say so and feel safe that your sharing is just between you and me.

If you do wish to share your story with others here I will put it on the main page as a post so others can offer their advice, wisdom and support.

A story is the shortest distance between people. ~ Pat Speight

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