I noticed a comment on your blog you may not have noticed yet, about a new talk show in New York wanting to do an episode on sex addiction. They also posted this on my blog and emailed me and my husband. With the offer of an all expense paid trip to NYC, I actually considered it. However, I wanted to inform you of some things since they are trying to find a couple who is not yet in recovery, or newly in recovery, to come on the show. Clearly they are looking for Springer type drama. I want to get the word out as much as possible to protect woman from falling into their trap. The show is The Bill Cunningham Show with Tribune Broadcasting.

I was so excited about the prospect of going to New York and being on a talk show. However, I was concerned when they asked me if I could find a couple for them who is not yet in therapy or is just now going through this. A very painful and sensitive time and I told them I could not help them in that area, for that reason. I was also disturbed by the fact that they asked me to bring a very close family friend on the show as well, after I made it clear she would not be brought up AT ALL.

The only reason they knew about that was because they contacted my husband as well and he told the lady who was so friendly and made us feel so comfortable talking to her, about his acting out with this family friend (the most painful part of all for me). Anyhow, it was starting to look like this was going to be pure entertainment value, and not raising awareness and understanding of sex addiction, and maybe giving some people hope, as I had hoped. So I asked for clarification of their purposes of asking us to be on the show and told her what my purpose for coming would be. The response I got was that they were going to focus on finding a couple who is going through this right now, not in recovery, and would get back to us in a week or two about whether they still wanted to book us. Yesterday, they were ready to book us right then and there. So, I got my answer. Upsetting, but I’m glad I didn’t fall into their trap. I think we have a lot to offer by sharing our story with others, but this doesn’t seem to be the right setting.

Just wanted to pass this along. This show is trying to exploit those going through this painful time, for pure entertainment value. Infuriating! You may repost if you would like.

God Bless,

Ella Hutchinson, MA, LPC
11999 Katy Freeway #490
Houston, Texas 77079

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. (Matt. 11:28)

I replied to Ella with this response:

Thanks so much Ella. I totally trust your judgment on this since you have contacted them. I will post your e-mail on the site and remove all references to the show and block any more comments from them.

This is disgusting! They come off as being a show that will enlighten and instead they only encourage the sensationalism.

Again, thank you.


So, I am removing all references to this show and blocking any more comments from them. If any slip by please contact me.

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