Barbara Steffens has made a giant step forward for partners of Sex Addicts. Here is her latest news release:

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) September 19, 2012

A new professional organization was announced today at the Society for Advancement of Sexual Heath (SASH) national conference in San Antonio, Texas. A group of treatment professionals, industry leaders and experts from across the United States, all dedicated to treating the trauma experienced by partners of sex addicts, established the Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists(APSATS), a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional training and certification, public education, research, and advocacy for treatment of sex addiction-induced trauma.

APSATS is the first and only organization that specializes in the preparation and certification of Partner Specialists, providing training and certification of Certified Clinical Partner Specialists (CCPS) and Certified Partner Coaches (CPC) who subscribe to a developing treatment model that acknowledges and responds to the traumatic stress found in partners affected by sex addiction.

Founded by pioneers of the trauma approach for treating partners, the APSATS Board is made up of a diverse group of treatment providers, life coaches, and others who are dedicated to the training and certification of Partner Specialists from a “Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma” approach. Members also advocate for the recovery and treatment needs of Partners of Sex Addicts, knowing that this is an underserved and often misunderstood population.

Barbara Steffens, PhD, LPCC, CCSAS, BCC, is president of APSATS. “I am honored to serve as president of this organization, working hand in hand with a fantastic group of treatment providers who are dedicated, passionate and committed to working on issues important to partners of sex addicts and their families. I am so excited to see how this team of amazing people will advance the field’s awareness and response to the needs of partners everywhere.”

Beginning in April 2013, APSATS will begin offering training and certification for counseling professionals interested in specializing in helping partners from a trauma treatment approach.


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