Finally I have returned to the writing desk and I have been busy, busy, busy. My second eBook is now available. The topic, which was suggested by a visitor to this site, concerns finances. You can order it  by clicking here or the eBook tab on the menu above.

I have known far too many women who were not only devastated by the discovery of their spouse or partner’s Sexual Addiction, but they also had to face the horrible reality of finding out that their financial situation was in ruins. Add to the fact that many women, either by choice or by command, have no clue about their household finances. In addition, many couples do not have or follow a budget, and, with the economical crisis we are facing in this country, many are hanging on by a thread.

My new eBook, Finances: Take Control of Your Future By Taking Control of Your Finances offers advice on how to gather and review financial records, check all credit accounts, find hidden accounts and take stock of your situation. There are also resources and advice on taking charge of your life and creating a secure financial future for yourself and your children.

The need to write the Survival Series of eBooks came about as I watched my resource file spill over out of my office and into the hallway and my book draft  starting to resemble an encyclopedia. There is just so much information that I feel, from past experience, is so vital to anyone going through the crisis of being in a relationship with a Sex Addict. If I can make just one person’s life a little easier by lighting the way then my purpose will be fulfilled.

I hope to have the next eBook in the series out soon, so keep an eye out for it. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to have in the series or discussed here on the website just let me know. After all–this site’s for you.

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