To all my dear sisters,

As I have watched this site grow over the past two years and as I have tried to determine your needs I am always thinking of ways to give all of you the tools to share, support and heal. As I read the conversations and sharing in your comments I see a huge need for a more personal connection with each other

Some of you may remember that I have tried in the past to set up forum and chat programs on this website, but, unfortunately those endeavors did not work. Without a complete overhaul, and the purchase of new software, this site does not have those capabilities to function in a professional looking manner.

So, I have been busy. Well–VERY busy.

I am developing a new website, which will serve as support for women in all types of crisis. As a membership only site, it will provide a safe and secure place to share safely, without worry that someone you know will read your personal writings. This new website will be a private community of women in various stages and types of crisis who share comfort, support and wisdom.

The ‘Members Only’ portion of this new website offers a comprehensive blog with articles written by me and others who have expertise in various issues; forums, groups, live chat, profile sharing, connections through a member directory and profile directory, free individual blog set up and hosting, research, interviews, discounts on all eBooks and educational materials, live online meetings with me twice a month,  and much, much more. The cost for this members only site will be $15.00 per month, which comes out to only about fifty cents a day. Hopefully this membership fee will cover the cost of the software and maintenance fees that I have to pay to run a site like this.

As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking. Being the eternal optimist that I am, and thinking that I can always do anything I set out to do, I dove into this project without the realization of the enormity of the task. It has taken much more time than I ever imagined. But, it is developing quite nicely.

After watching the tremendous need on this site for a more personal connection between all of you, I have decided to open the new website to everyone here during the rest of the development phase. I hope to be able to do that within the next week.

You will still need to register, but there will be no subscription fee during this development period. During this time you can test out all the goodies, enjoy live chat with each other, set up a profile, comment through the forums and share to your heart’s content. Just remember, even though the site will still require you to sign up, and I will monitor the membership, there will not be the complete security of a paid membership site, so please be careful about sharing personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, etc. You can probably feel safe sharing e-mail addresses and blog links.

I feel safe in assuming that you will be accepting of any ‘goofs’ that appear, and that you will understand that all of the various issues that women encounter will not be fully fleshed out–right now it is merely a skeleton framework. Many articles still need to be written, many experts contacted and much research still needs to be done. It is truly a work in progress.

But, the nice thing about all of this is that each one of you that does try out the new website will be one of my ‘testers’ and help me find the ‘bugs’ and share with me which other features you would like.

So my dear ones, keep your eyes out for the new launch of the ‘Trial Edition’ of my new site. I truly hope that it will be everything you ever needed and so much more.

Love to all,