Ah yes, we all need boundaries. And this site is no exception.

One of the reasons I started a new website is because this one, just like the flowers in the picture, has outgrown it’s bounds and has become bloated, disorganized and scattered. Comments to stories and articles veer far off the original subject matter and it’s impossible for anyone, even me, to find a particular thread or topic.

So, I must request that you use the new site for topics that are not directly related to the original story or article that is published here. For example, if you want to discuss personality disorders, do not start discussing that under someone’s story unless it specifically talks about personality disorders. Instead, go on the new site and join the ‘Sex Addiction’ group and post your thoughts in the ‘Personality Disorders’ forum. Or, if you want to start a new topic, it’s simple to do that. If your topic does not directly involve Sex Addiction, join another group and join or start a new topic. No appropriate group? Start a new one.

This way all of the topics will be easy to search and the information will be organized enough for everyone to easily find what they are looking for.

Using the comment section on this site as a discussion forum is just not working, so let’s all change gears to make it easier for everyone. Thanks bunches.

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  1. HI JoAnn,

    I have to admire your efforts to help us get our great pearls of wisdom organized in such a way that they are easier to locate and understand in the context of the topics.

    I sense we are little like a room full of St. Bernard puppies—incredibly cute and lovable, but constantly in motion without too much direction at times!

    I promise to try and find the right spot to say what I need to say. But sometimes, i admit, the tail wags the puppy!

    love and thanks,

  2. Hi hurtheart,

    I have been testing and reorganizing the new site all day, but I just tested the sign in capabilities on Safari and Firefox and I was able to sign in with JoAnn2 (that’s my testing name). So, go ahead and try again.

  3. Hi Joann,
    quick question…on this site I use an “alias” because of my situation. When I register on the new site should all of the names (username, profile etc) be our real name or alias? I didn’t know if when we post our profile name would show up. Thanks 🙂

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