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Is Your CSAT Therapist a Sex Addict?

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New Trauma Recovery Video Series

This video series for partners of sex addicts outlines some of the most important, and very first things that a partner should consider after discovering that the person they are in an intimate relationship with may be a sex addict.

Should I Stay With My Sex Addict for the Children?

Should you stay in a marriage with a sex addict for the children? Are you worried it will harm them to come from a broken home? Is it really better to stay in a bad marriage than to divorce? Here are some thoughts on children and divorce.

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Can He Change?

Another story of a sex addict husband using prostitutes and a wife who wonders if he can change. Hi, I feel at a loss right

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A Partner Asks Why?

Think back when you first got married (maybe before kids and mortgages). If someone had asked you the question “what would you do if he cheated on you?”, I bet that 99.9% of us would have answered without hesitation “I’d kill him then leave him”. And we would have answered that way because we never believed for one second that he would actually cheat! We did not marry men that we thought were cheaters.

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My Wife is a Sex Addict

My name is David and I have been with my wife for 33 yrs we have 3 children 27, 21 & 15. Last year I found out that my wife had many men’s names in her phone

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Abuse is Abuse is Abuse

The news coverage of Ray Rice brutally beating his fiancee unconscious has brought back a flood of memories for me. I was a teen in the

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