I received the following e-mail from a visitor, and, since I have limited contacts with anyone who has a personal experience with in patient treatment or workshops for Sexual Addiction, I thought I would post her e-mail here in hopes that someone will have some input. Unfortunately there are no posts or comments that I found that could help her on this website.

About a year ago I heard a personal account from a Sex Addict who spent some time at a Patrick Carnes sponsored facility and the experience was not very good. He said  that he was treated rudely and felt like a prisoner. He left after only two days. He and his wife went on to attend weekend workshops which helped them greatly. I also know of a female Sex Addict who was in an in patient treatment facility for six weeks, yet she continues to act out.

You will only get out of treatment what you put into it. I hope that whatever treatment this woman’s husband attends will offer him the tools to recover.

Message: Hi JoAnn,

I’m interested in hearing from others if anyone’s spouse attended workshops or in patient treatment at the Meadows or any center.  A quick search of your site didn’t turn up anything on it but I’m not sure I have the format down well enough and may have missed it.

Can you direct me to any threads where this was discussed or start one asking if anyone has feedback on any institutions or experience with a treatment program they’d like to share.

My husband may go to the 5 day workshop given at the Meadows but I cannot find any information about it other than what they provide on their website.  I’m very interested in hearing from someone who has been through it and the results.