I believe my husband may be a sex addict, but I may never know for sure.

He refuses to talk to a counselor, or anyone for that matter. He completely isolates himself from other human beings…in fear they’ll find him out if you ask me. I got him to agree to it one time after threatening him with a divorce if he didn’t go, but he immediately became so depressed he was physically ill.

He didn’t eat or leave the bedroom for days at the mere thought of having to talk to a counselor. He says he doesn’t have a problem, & laughs me off like I’m the crazy one just pulling wild accusations out of my ass!

He says he can control himself!! Yea right if he could, he would…right?

If there indeed is nothing “wrong” with him as he claims why such an extreme reaction when asked to go to counseling? Seems to me he’d be eager to go to hear them tell me I’m wrong & making something out of nothing as he claims.

To me anyone who engages in group sex, and is a swinger starting as early as age 16 has a very unhealthy idea of what sex really is!  Any man who spends 8 hours of his work day looking at & searching for underage girls, bestiality, & group sex porn only stopping for breaks, and lunch has a problem!

His internet history has turned up nothing since I caught him…guess he’s hiding it much better now. He has tried to meet up with 2 different girls on 2 different occasions, but I found out and intervened both times before any sex could be had….he swears those are the only times he’s done anything like that, but I don’t believe it & I think had he not been caught red handed he’d never fessed up to any of it!

I’m sure there have been similar instances, but until I have proof he will confess nothing!! I’m so tired of questioning my every thought, & opinion, because of him! I never had a problem standing by what I believed, my decisions, or for myself until I met him, & I would never have put up with even an attempted affair from anyone else!

Maybe he’s right maybe I am crazy! I love him dearly that’s what makes all of this so hard, but I’m wondering if love is really enough. I’m so scared he is going to project this type of behavior onto our children as his dad & older brothers did unto him.

How do I protect them? I can’t make him get help, & a divorce would just mean he’s being left unsupervised with our children when he has them. I feel like I’ve damned them no matter what I do. I’m so mad at him for not being honest about who & what he was in the beginning, I think I could tear his head off with my bare hands!!

Please help me I need some advice from someone whose been there…I have no one that I can confide this embarrassment to!

Thanks in advance,