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Has Anyone Else Gone Through a Similar Thing? He is a Porn Addict

I received this e-mail from a woman who is involved with a porn addict. She wonders if anyone else has had a similar experience. Please offer her your support and advice. ~ JoAnn My story: I am 29 and I met the love of my life on the 17th [...]

Updated: Sex Addiction A Sham and a Scam

With all the pseudo research that the Sex Addiction gurus have done; and all the hundreds of millions of dollars they are making off of Sex Addiction, a fake term for a fake diagnosis; why can’t these so called experts put their heads together and figure out this Sex Addiction thing?

Is Your Wife A Sex Addict?

Are you a man whose wife is a Sex Addict? You are not alone. Recently I have received so many e-mails from men who have discovered that their wives or partners are Sex Addicts

Jill’s Story–We Were On the Right Path Then He Spit It All In My Face

I discovered that my husband was a SA in Aug 09 and like all the others he cried and begged me to give him a chance.

For A While Life Was Good–A.L.’s Marriage To A Sex Addict

I thank God for you and for your website! I am brand new to this entire experience and right now, I think I'm still in shock. I've inhaled almost every woman's story on this site to find answers to a problem I now know is Sex Addict.

K.M.’s Story: A Shy, Gentle Woman Married To A Sexually Addicted Pedophile

She had told her grandma that he had gotten a tattoo out of the McDonalds box and had her sit on the couch and tried to get her to touch his penis.

More From JoAnn: Why Do I Stay With A Sex Addict?

I appreciate the voices who have asked the question, and I also hear those of you who did not ask, but still wondered--Why Do I Stay With A Sex Addict?

Linda’s Story: I Believe My Husband Is A Sex Addict

My husband was arrested in a Craigslist sting operation when he corresponded with a “woman” who eventually claimed she was 14 years old, and “curious” about being with an older man.

Rosie’s Story Of Her Sexually Addicted Husband: I Worked–He Played

Hello, my name is Rosie. I was married to a sex addict.

Stephanie’s Story–I Just Found Out The Truth About My Husband

My name is Stephanie and I just found out the truth about my Sex Addict husband.

M’s Story–I Feel Trapped In My Marriage To A Sex Addict

When I first realized that my husband was a Sex Addict is when I found some pornography charged to my Cable bill. We had not been married long

Jode’s Story–Only Time Will Tell

found out that my husband is a true 100% full blown sex addict 1 month ago. Thanks to watching an Oprah show about recovering sex addicts, he admitted to paying for sex and masturbating to pornography before and during our entire relationship.

Reply to ‘Help’

my boyfriend is a sex addict-he stole my 21 year old daughters memory card and printed her pictures out and i found them in his lunch box

Too Bad To Stay, Too Good To Leave–The Story Of A Sex Addict’s Wife

This wife cannot leave her sexually addicted husband.

33 Percent Of Children Access Porn On The Internet Before The Age Of 10

The internet is a wonderful source of information and has served to educate many of us, both young and old. But, unfortunately, it is also a free and easy method for our children to access inappropriate sexually explicit material at a very young age.

Double Deception–Jeannette’s Story Of What It’s Like To Be Married To A Gay Sex Addict

After 17 ½ year into the marriage he told me of his sexual orientation. The 1st thing he said to me is “If I could change it I would”. Based on that, I agreed to stay and see what could be done. He agreed that there would be no further activity and he would leave no stone unturned in trying to sort out what had been done to him, the subsequent behavior and to see if his orientation could be changed or not.

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