The ‘Quick Fix’ Trap

I’ve seen it happen so many times. A Sex Addiction is discovered. There are tears and screams, anger, pain, threats and lots of smoke and


Our path to recovery starts with discovery. The ways that each of us find out about our spouse’s Sexual Addiction are as varied as the

Sex And Money

Whether it’s prostitutes, porn or a mistress or two on the side, sex costs money.

Share Your Story

I have found so much comfort in sharing my story with others as well as listening to and reading about the experiences of others who

Forgiving A Sex Addict

Forgiving your Sex Addict spouse or partner does not mean that they are no longer responsible for their actions, nor does forgiveness mean that you

Are You Living In Denial?

Denial is denying our own intuition, ignoring our gut feelings. It is blatantly overlooking what is right in front of us. As we begin to

I Am Not A Co-Sex Addict!

I have seen a troubling trend, especially within the scientific community. That trend is the labeling of those involved with a Sex Addict, or

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