Rosy Asks JoAnn

I’ve gotten a little behind on posting Q&A section, so I thought I would put some of the questions, along with my answers, here so

eBook #2 Now Available

I have known far too many women who were not only devastated by the discovery of their spouse or partner’s Sexual Addiction, but they also

Memories From JoAnn

Sometimes letters from my readers really touch my soul. I get many private e-mails through the ‘Contact’ page, which I always answer.

Sometimes one will

Reply to ‘Help’

my boyfriend is a sex addict-he stole my 21 year old daughters memory card and printed her pictures out and i found them in his

Seeking Answers

Pregnant wife with young child seeks help with Sexually Addicted husband.

Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em

The light bulb went off when I finally realized that just because I loved him didn’t mean that I had to stay with him. I

One Safe Place

Diane mentioned this song in her last comment. I thought I would share this beautiful song by Mark Cohn with all of you. It made

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