Laughable Lies

Sometimes it helps to take a look at the comical side of tragedy. Now I know that Sex Addiction is no laughing matter, but often

Intensity Is The Sex Addict’s High

It’s difficult to understand how someone can become addicted to an activity or behavior such as shopping, eating, gambling or sex. We can understand chemical

What Do You Need?

What do you need right now from your Sex Addict partner or spouse? For me, the most important piece in our recovery was honest communication.

Heaven’s Just A Thought Away

One of the reasons Sex Addicts have such a hard time with recovery is the easy and free access to their mood-altered state…fantasy. Sex Addicts

Sometimes I Feel Invisible

Sometimes I think when we are dealing with our spouses or partners Sex Addiction we forget that the addiction is not necessarily the only problem

Sorry. I’m In ICU

I’ll post more when i get out of the hospital. Love to all. JoAnn Views: 2

Home From The Hospital

I’m so happy to be home after 28 days in the hospital. I’m also happy to see that this site carried on without me with

The Triple Whammy High Of Sex Addiction

One of the most difficult aspects to understand about Sex Addiction is why the addict will risk their marriages, careers, family, children, financial security, social

How Did You Find Out?

The book is coming along nicely and yesterday I was working on a section about Discovery–how and when we find out that our spouse or

Sex Addicts Are Like Lonesome George

When my husband and I visited the Galapagos Islands last year we visited the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz island. This Research Station

Book Update And Other Things

If you read the quote below you will understand when I say that writing my book, Married To A Sex Addict, has taken over my

Tiger Woods-Sex Addict or Just A Jerk?

Unless you live in a cave you have heard the stories and speculation about Tiger Woods’ extramarital dalliances. Whenever a rich and powerful man is

Setting Boundaries

An important part of staying in a relationship with a Sex Addict is setting boundaries. These boundaries let the Sex Addict know that they can


A journal is a record of our experiences, an account or memoir of our journey through a certain time in our life. During the four

Do You Or Don’t You?

Are you still having sex with your spouse or partner even though you know that they are a Sex Addict? Do you practice safe sex

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

Loving a Sex Addict certainly has it’s challenges especially early in recovery, but a few stand out as particularly difficult. Which of these challenges do

What A Way To Start The New Year

Sex Addiction is still in the news, but methinks we have returned to the not so golden age of the fifties where men were men

Depression and Sex Addiction

As we know, there is no ‘magic pill’ for Sex Addiction, but there may be some hope for the large percentage of addicts who suffer

Confronting The Sex Addict

Whether you have just discovered your spouse or partner’s clandestine sexual behaviors, or you are painfully discovering new or repeated evidence, you will need to

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